Mediterranean Diet travelling exhibition

Prepared by the Municipality of Tavira, the exhibition aims at promoting and disseminating the different aspects of the Mediterranean Diet among all age groups. It includes a summary about the element inscribed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: its history, cultural landscapes, health, products, the nomination/inscription, traditions, gastronomy and festivities, among others.
The exhibition is presented in Portuguese and English and includes videos about the approved nomination and allows playing interactive games and an array of aromas. There are leaflets in Portuguese, English and Spanish about the exhibition. This exhibition may be modulated and reconfigured for different spaces.
Panel Topics
The Mediterranean universe: a story of thousands of years | What is the Mediterranean Diet? |What is the intangible cultural heritage? |An “environmental-friendly” diet and a food pattern of excellence | Mediterranean Portugal | Tavira – Portugal’s Representative Community | Cultural and food landscapes of the Mediterranean Diet | The sacred and medicinal food | The cyclical festivities and food | The cereals and the bread | The olive tree and the olive oil | The vineyard and the wine | The sea and fisheries |The richness and variety of the Mediterranean products | The Mediterranean Diet pyramid | The table: the central place of the Mediterranean  conviviality | Purposes of the application and the safeguard plan |